Managed Data Protection Services

Empowering Dynamic Business

As your business grows, the data you have to store and manage grows exponentially, meaning constantly adding more storage just to keep up which can be costly. And managing data backup and recovery in-house can become increasingly expensive and inefficient as well.

iTBlueprint Managed Data Protection Services empowers business agility by helping your access, management, and backup and recovery evolve seamlessly to meet your business’s needs for today and for tomorrow.  

Features of Our Managed Data Protection Services

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

iTBlueprint can manage and monitor your cloud backup, using best practices that we’ve learned to make your backup more efficient, reliable, and cost effective.

Customized Storage

On-premises and cloud-based solutions to fit your business’s unique daily operations, as well as provide redundancies to ensure business stability.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Our team works within your requirements and compliance regulations to ensure faster response times, increase your flexibility, and preserve your reputation.

Data Recovery Expertise

Backed by a wealth of knowledge in storage, backup, network and security, our team has your back when it comes to recovering quickly so your business doesn’t skip a beat.  

Dynamic Data Protection

We manage and monitor your cloud backup to increase its efficiency, reliability, and cost effectiveness.

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