Amazon Acquires CloudEndure;  What’s the Impact?

While CloudEndure is not exactly a household name in the IT industry, their recent acquisition by Amazon puts holes in the plans of a lot of organizations planning cloud based disaster recovery.

While CloudEndure certainly has competitors, when it comes to on premise to cloud, and cloud to cloud disaster recovery, they were the market leader. As a CDP product that can replicate data and facilitate failover between Vmware, AWS, Azure, Google and others, it was useful for both data migrations and disaster recovery sites. Google chose it as their premier tool for migrations, and so did many end user customers.

CloudEndure’s acquisition by Amazon is yet another vote of confidence for this startup. That being said, Amazon’s plans for the product are unlikely to sit well with non AWS shops.

In brief, our information from CloudEndure is that while existing subscriptions targeting clouds other than Amazon’s will continue to be supported, renewals will not. Nor will customers with an existing foot print who need to add more servers be able to increase their subscription count. Customers who want to stick with CloudEndure because it is the right solution for their needs, will have to migrate from whatever cloud they are in, to AWS. Customers for whom that move is not practical, will need to find another solution before their current subscriptions run out.

At IT Blueprint, we spent a considerable amount of time researching the various disaster recovery tools in the cloud space, before standardizing on CloudEndure. So, while we are, of course, unhappy with the outcome, we’re also confident that we can design and implement alternative solutions that our customers can move to on a case by case basis.

If you’re interested in the do’s and don’ts of disaster recovery in the cloud, don’t forget to check out our lunch and learn on January 22nd.

written by David Hoffer and Dave White

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